We proudly announce our official partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), marking a game-changer in accelerating software vendors’ journey to Kubernetes.

Tjitse Kooistra, Director of Business Development of Guida:

In the last four years, we have worked intensely with several customers to manage their Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) environments. As our SREs are highly qualified and accredited for AWS, we wanted to take the next step by becoming an AWS partner. For Guida, this is a significant move.

Guida is known for its Kubernetes and container orchestration expertise. It brings specialized and in-depth knowledge of EKS to provide software vendors with a trusted partner and 24/7 support. Our expertise combined with the vast infrastructure and resources of AWS, ensures that software vendors will benefit from a level of expertise and service that’s truly unmatched.

Looking ahead, Guida envisions itself as a high-potential and specialized partner, committing to five key goals:

  1. Our focus is on deepening our EKS specialization

  2. Positioning Guida as the go-to source for clients needing advanced Kubernetes solutions.

  3. We’re equally dedicated to delivering exceptional support, ensuring clients maximize the benefits of AWS EKS services.

  4. Furthermore, Guida’s future vision revolves around a commitment to innovation, with continuous evolution aligning our managed offerings with AWS’s latest technologies.

  5. Our partnership strives for excellence in scalability, security, and reliability, solidifying Guida’s role as a trusted advisor in the EKS intellectual domain.

In conclusion, our partnership with AWS offers software vendors a perfect blend of specialized knowledge of Kubernetes and managed services with exceptional human support.

About Guida

At Guida we have a passion for Kubernetes. Since 2015 we have been committed to everything related to Cloud Native and Kubernetes. Our mission is to show people the benefits of Cloud Native and Kubernetes infrastructures. Our services consist of managed services, professional services and education.