Deliver software faster and more reliable through the adoption of Kubernetes, cloud-native technology and a DevOps approach

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Many companies find the journey to Cloud Native difficult

Deliver value faster

Adopting cloud native technology can takes months or even years. We can help you with lower spend and faster deployments

Making the right choices

Overwhelmed by the rapidly changing cloud native technology landscape? We help by selecting the right vendors and products that fit your needs

Finding skilled people

Hard and expensive to find engineers with the right expertise and skills. We have certified engineers with extensive expertise within cloud & container technology, automation, CI/CD and security

Run your apps on any cloud

Package up an application’s code and everything it needs to run as a container so the application can run reliably in any computing environment

Provide a self service platform

Build and run a cloud native platform for use by the entire organization so that developers can focus on building applications instead of configuring infrastructure

Automate operational tasks

Eliminate all manual infrastructure provisioning and maintenance tasks, so that developers spend less time waiting for resources

Building a learning organization

Organizations must evolve a collaborative and experimental culture to take advantage of innovations offered by the cloud

Reducing risks

Use deployment strategies to decrease the chance of problems happening when changes are introduced into the production system

Starting with security from day one

Build security into the platform and have clear guidelines and principles for creating secure applications

Focus on the product, not infrastructure

We deliver cloud native infrastructure and tooling that works, so your developers can get back to working on what's important

Our Services

Free up your team to focus on what's important

Guida builds and runs your cloud native infrastructure. Guida helps by enabling self-service for happier developers

Get the expertise you need

Guida delivers a team of engineers which brings years of experience with cloud, containers, devops, continuous delivery and microservices

Exceptional and proactive support

Guida focus on uncovering the root cause of any issue, wether it is related to Kubernetes or underlying infrastucture, making continual improvements to improve reliability

Everything as code

Everything Guida builds is based on code and fully automated using CI/CD pipelines

Cost and resource optimization

Guida reduces overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources, eliminating waste and selects the right sizing for computing services to scale


Guida provides constant insight into the behavior of all running services in order to understand the system’s behavior and to predict potential problems or incidents

We are your trusted partner in Cloud Native & Kubernetes

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We 're Rotterdam-based Cloud Native and Kubernetes managed services provider. We 're a team of engineers with experitise in Cloud, Containers, DevOps, Continous Delivery, Microservices and Security.

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