Intermax Kubernetes Service

Kubernetes environments for regulated markets, healthcare and independent software vendors within the Netherlands.

Powered by Guida

A secure and highly available platform using three redundant data centers, with Networking, Compute, and Storage building blocks provided by the Intermax cloud. Supported and operated 24x7 by the platform and SRE team within Guida.

Leverage our best-practices

IKS blueprints

Our SREs design and establish IKS clusters according to your application's requirements. This involves selecting instance types, storage, networking, RBAC, security policies, cluster add-ons, and more.

24x7 monitoring

We provide a 24x7 SLA for monitoring and support of your IKS clusters, actively resolving issues to guarantee optimal uptime and system reliability.

Managed Cluster Add-ons

Guida deploys a curated open source software stack by default, enabling you to confidently run Kubernetes in production without proprietary lock-ins.

Continuous Delivery using GitOps

We assist in configuring continuous delivery (CD) pipelines using GitOps on IKS to automate software delivery and minimize manual intervention. This leads to quicker development cycles, shorter time-to-market, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Security and compliance

Run containerized workloads under Dutch legislation. ISO 27001 certified.

Includes CIS profiles for hardening Kubernetes clusters, ensuring customer environments meet industry-leading security standards.

Modernize application and containerization

We educate and train your engineers.

We assist in containerizing applications, crafting Docker images, and deploying your applications to Kubernetes clusters provided by IKS.

Why choose Guida?

Guida provides secure, innovative, and reliable Kubernetes clusters for regulated markets, healthcare, fintech and independent software vendors within the Netherlands.


As a Kubernetes Cerfified Service Provider (KCSP), Guida brings a proven track record in building, migrating, and managing cutting-edge solutions within Intermax Kubernetes Service.


We know what else you need, besides Kubernetes. As your trusted Kubernetes partner, we help modernizing your applications and train your developers.


You always get human-to-human support via your dedicated Microsoft Teams or Slack channel. Our SREs are 24/7 available for your mission critical applications.

Your Trusted Kubernetes Partner

Guida services, software and support enable you to run Kubernetes infrastructure secure, reliable, scalable and efficient.