Kubernetes Kickstart

Kickstart your Kubernetes Proof of Value now!

Kubernetes Kickstart

Want to find out how Kubernetes can work for you? Without spending months of your time? Try our Kubernetes Kickstart service!

This service includes a Proof of Value, a collaborative engagement focused on your needs, optimised to drive your business outcome and to build out a meaningful business case for the adoption of Kubernetes. Guida's SRE team will manage your Kubernetes PoV from start to end, whether you're already running applications as containers or just started experimenting.

What are the challenges?

Waste of Resources

Why spend months of time and budget on a lengthy proof of value project when you get production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure in days?

Lack of Expertise

Many organizations lack cloud and Kubernetes expertise to successfully adopt Kubernetes. Guida has years of Kubernetes experience.

Kubernetes is Complex

You need best practices, additional tools to run production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure.

Key ingredients for a succesful PoV

These three ingredients form the perfect recipe for a succesfull Kubernetes PoV


Kubernetes Infastructure in Days

Get production-grade Kubernetes cluster(s) with infrastructure-as-code, and a curated open source software stack, enabling you to confidently run Kubernetes without proprietary lock-ins.


Proactive Support and Advise

Get support from our SRE's during the entire proof of value, via your dedicated Microsoft Teams or Slack channel. We guide you through what’s needed to run a succesful proof of concept.


Professional Services

Get professional services to help you redesign your application's architecture, build CI/CD pipelines or conduct other customizations.

Your Trusted Kubernetes Partner

Guida services, software and support enable you to run Kubernetes infrastructure secure, reliable, scalable and efficient.