Managed Kubernetes by Guida

Focus on product innovation, not complex Kubernetes infrastructure

Managed Kubernetes by Guida

Managed Kubernetes by Guida integrates infrastructure as code, curated stack of open source software, and SRE support as a subscription service.

What are the benefits?

Save Time

Adopting Kubernetes can take months or even years. Leverage our best practices and years of experience to gain confidence and speed in adopting Kubernetes.

Focus on Business Value

We enable production-grade Kubernetes infrastructure with our managed services, software and SRE support so your Dev+Ops teams can focus on product innovation.

Gain Flexibility

Guida deploys a curated open source software stack by default, enabling you to confidently run Kubernetes in production without proprietary lock-ins.

Why Guida?

Kubernetes is complex. We help you tackle operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters.


Since 2015, we've been working with container technology in production. Our SREs tried and tested Azure AKS, AWS EKS, GKE and Intermax IKS


We know what else you need, besides Kubernetes. As your trusted Kubernetes partner, we help you make the right choices for your cloud, cluster and additional tooling


You always get human-to-human support via your dedicated Microsoft Teams or Slack channel. Our SREs are 24/7 available for your mission critical applications.

Your Trusted Kubernetes Partner

Guida services, software and support enable you to run Kubernetes infrastructure secure, reliable, scalable and efficient.