Who we are

Your Trusted Kubernetes Partner


We're Rotterdam-based Kubernetes Managed Services & Solutions Provider. We work with startups, small to medium-sized companies, independent software vendors and high traffic websites who need a trusted partner for technical expertise and exceptional support.

We're a team of Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) with expertise in Cloud Native, Docker, Kubernetes, Continuous Delivery, Microservices and Security.

Why us?
  • we're small specialized team with years experience in building and managing production-grade Kubernetes platforms
  • we're 100% focused on Kubernetes and the rapidly changing eco-system
  • we’re technology-led and fan of open source software
  • we understand your business and care about your product or solution
  • it’s all about personal service, we believe in human-to-human interaction


Trusted Kubernetes Partner

We believe that trust is essential for successful collaboration. We believe in using each other's strengths (win-win) and that you can achieve more together than alone.


Passionate and Eager to Learn

We are passionate about Kubernetes and the Cloud Native eco-system. We believe in sharing knowledge and continuous learning.


Open and Transparent Communication

We are open and transparent in everything we do to be as clear as possible to each other and our customers.


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