Arnoud van Dorp, Founder, and Managing Director:

“Together with Guida, we have modernised our pre-employment screening software so that we can on-board new customers faster and more securely and continue to innovate our product.”

The Customer

Valicare is a fast-growing, innovative SaaS company. Their software is focused on pre-employment screening of (new) employees. The personal information retrieved during the screening is automatically validated with over 15 types of checks. Examples here can be ID, VOG, BHV, BIG, references, employment history and integrity history.

In a very short time Valicare has become market leader in the Netherlands in the field of digital personnel screening.

The Challenge

Valicare wants to remain at the forefront of innovation in the pre-employment screening market. In addition, the organization wants to be able to rapidly scale up its software platform. Due to the limitations of the old hosting environment and limited knowledge of Kubernetes and Cloud Native, Valicare was looking for a new technology partner to realize these ambitions.

The Solution

Guida takes care of the realization and 24/7 management of a highly available and secure Kubernetes platform on the Intermax Cloud, known as Intermax Kubernetes Service (IKS). The availability and support of developers are important conditions for Valicare to focus on the further development of its applications.

Guida delivers Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) services on the Kubernetes platform and provides an open-source stack of tools for load-balancing, monitoring, log management, backups, and security policies.


Within two months, Valicare and Guida succeeded in setting up a fully Kubernetes-based SaaS platform so that Valicare could focus on application deployments while security and development processes are properly safeguarded and compliant.

Key aspects of these are:

  • Faster onboarding of new customers based on fully automated CI/CD pipelines.
  • Highly available and scalable Kubernetes platform using three redundant data centers in Rotterdam, Delft, and Amsterdam.
  • Kubernetes clusters are fully managed 24/7 by Guida’s Site Reliability Engineers, so these clusters are high available, secure and up-to-date.
  • More insight and control on how the pre-employment platform functions and performs based on logging and metrics.
  • Legal and compliant according to ISO27001 standards.
  • Lower TCO of the SaaS platform and better focus on core activities.