We recently hosted our first GuidaCon event in Rotterdam for our trusted partners and clients. It was truly a pleasure to bring Kubernetes enthusiasts together to exchange knowledge and experiences related to running Kubernetes confidently in production.

Here’s a brief overview of the topics covered:

Saving the planet, one pod at a time

Ludo Baauw, Intermax Group CEO, raised an essential question: How can we utilize Kubernetes in the IT chain to foster sustainable digitalization and innovation while minimizing our environmental footprint?

Navigating the Kubernetes Cosmos

Albert van ’t Hart, Co-founder of Guida shared insights from KubeCon 2024 and shed light on Guida’s future plans and the evolving Kubernetes landscape.

Boosting Cost-Efficiency or Enhancing Performance using Autoscaling

Freek Plantinga, SRE at Guida, guided us through Kubernetes Autoscaling, exploring horizontal vs. vertical scaling vs event scaling and its implications for cost savings and performance optimization.

AI: beyond the hype

In collaboration with Wilmar den Ouden, SRE at Guida, we explored the realm of AI, uncovering its origins, practical applications, and some cool demos with running LLMs on your own laptop.


Thanks to all our clients and partners for attending GuidaCon.

A special shoutout to Joris Schalk, Customer Success Engineer at Guida, for organizing the event and keeping us entertained with his pirate jokes throughout the day.