Intermax, Guida, and UbiOps have signed a partnership agreement. Together we aim to offer an end-to-end private cloud solution for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), aimed at regulated markets. This solution enables organizations to quickly and safely start the implementation of AI/ML into their business.



Realizing added value for business processes with AI/ML is still challenging for many organizations. Setting up and maintaining the right infrastructure to use AI/ML models continuously is difficult and expensive. UbiOps changes this by providing a SaaS platform (on-premise and cloud-agnostic) that helps organizations deploy data science models, scripts, and code - without needing (scarce and expensive) IT engineering expertise. This allows organizations to accelerate their AI/ML time-to-market from months to days.

Orchestration layer for AI/ML

To establish this platform, UbiOps delivers an orchestration layer for AI/ML jobs and pipelines. Data science users can easily run, manage, and scale their code on this layer. Making these jobs and pipelines schedulable in this way generates a predictable compute demand, which can then be reliably accommodated with cloud service providers. This facilitates shorter lead times and lower procurement costs per AI/ML job.

Building Blocks for Further Service Expansion

Yannick Maltha, CEO and co-founder of UbiOps: “We see a clear trend that AI/ML is ready to be used by a broader group of organizations, not just the ’lucky few.’ Developments like ChatGPT and the rise of powerful open-source models are shifting the focus of organizations from AI experimentation to implementation. Timing is crucial here; organizations don’t want to wait six months for their first model to run. And they don’t have to, but many organizations don’t know that yet. Another obstacle is the cost of AI – it’s expensive – and we notice that customers want assurances about the location of their data. For such questions, we are looking for local partners to provide them with these assurances. There are few parties in the Netherlands that offer IT solutions like Intermax does, so we’re happy that we have now signed this partnership together.”

Maltha: “Many organizations operate in a hybrid environment – they already have hardware or a cloud environment in place. That’s why we offer them a control plane where they can easily relocate workloads to a different environment, with a single click. This ’lift and shift’ capability helps organizations optimize costs, availability, and data security."

End-to-end solution for regulated markets

Maltha continues: “Intermax is a professional entity that, in addition to scalability and a proven track record, also provides expertise with Guida. Guida helps organizations optimize and manage Kubernetes infrastructure. The combination of UbiOps, Intermax, and Guida offers customers a complete solution and the opportunity to start implementing AI/ML in an accessible and secure manner as quickly as tomorrow. Just like Intermax and Guida, UbiOps operates in regulated markets, where many requirements exist in terms of data security, such as health care and the public sector. In these markets our primary focus is applications that use image recognition and generative AI.”

Sander Winthagen, Managing Director of Intermax, stated, “We focus on socially crucial organizations. It is our desire to also support these organizations in exciting new developments and innovations, such as AI/ML. UbiOps is powerful in AI/ML Ops services and helps us support our customers’ data science initiatives. Therefore, we provide cloud infrastructure services (HPC and Kubernetes) with Guida, and UbiOps takes care of the rest. This way, we help each other and our customers.”

Guida’s commitment

Albert van ’t Hart, Managing Director and co-founder of Guida: “With this strategic partnership, we aim to provide an end-to-end solution with performance, scalability, and efficiency for GPU-intensive applications. By combining private cloud, Kubernetes, and GPUs, we’re taking AI and machine learning to new levels. "

Is your organization active in healthcare or the public sector, and would you like to know more about what we’re doing in image recognition and generative AI?

Join us on this exciting journey as we push the boundaries of what’s possible with Kubernetes and GPUs.